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Convert Excel Workbook into REST API

Turn your Excel spreadsheets into a web service, REST API with AlchemyJ.


In this video, we will show you the basics on how to turn a Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator in Excel into a REST API with OpenAPI documentation.


It requires no code and no programming experience.


After we build an API from Excel, we can test it on an OpenAPI webpage (Swagger) which describes the API. The Excel REST API call returns JSON data.

How Excel works in AlchemyJ

In the traditional operation of Excel, users input some parameters in some cells and the Excel work out the result based on the formulas defined. 

AlchemyJ makes that Excel model works exactly the same way but it is on the server. It wraps the server-side Excel by an API, then passes inputs of API to the server-side Excel and passes the result back to API consumers.

What Happened Behind?

Actually, the Excel program is not really running on the server. AlchemyJ will convert Excel into API by generating programs that do exactly what Excel does.

All programs are in Spring Boot framework and well designed and factored.

AlchemyJ with Complex Calculation

Have you ever encountered complex calculation requirements when developing applications? Hours and hours and hours were spent.

AJ allows you to model your complex calculation in Excel. Then, AJ will generate the module to work with your application automatically. It can help you save time, money, and resources.

AJ is an essential tool, to build complex calculations for your application. 

Working with Complex Calculation

AlchemyJ allows you to work with complex calculations in Excel.

It also easily works with sources like External APIs, Databases, Files, and API Parameters on both input and output.


Then AJ can turn it into a component. This component can easily plug-in into your application and work flawlessly together.


In the end, the system input will be sent to your application. The calculation component embedded will provide you with the final results. 

Getting Started with AlchemyJ

Here is the kick start guide of AlchemyJ


A Tool Turning Excel into Enterprise API.


This is a FREE version that lets you plug your business logic in Excel to your Enterprise systems. 

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