How does AlchemyJ work?

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How AlchemyJ Works?

In the traditional operation of Excel, users input some parameters in some cells and the Excel work out the result based on the formulas defined. 

AlchemyJ makes that Excel model works exactly the same way but it is on the server. It wraps the server-side Excel by an API, then passes inputs of API to the server-side Excel and passes the result back to API consumers.

This video shows how does AlchemyJ work in the way of wrapping Excel by API and making it runs on server.
How AlchemyJ works?
The video show what happened behind during AlchemyJ coverting Excel to programs running on the server.
What happened behind?

What Happened Behind?

Actually, the Excel program is not really running on the server. AlchemyJ will convert Excel into API by generating programs that do exactly what Excel does.

All programs are in Spring Boot framework and well designed and factored.

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