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AlchemyJ Documentation and Recipe Book

AlchemyJ enables you to turn your business model in Excel into OpenAPI easily. AlchemyJ also supports over 300 built-in Excel functions and provides over 50 extended functions which include features like email sending, file operations, database functions, etc...

We can find all this information on the AlchemyJ Documentation from the below link.

From our AlchemyJ documentation, you can have easy access to many topics. You can get the AlchemyJ installation guide from here and also it’ll show you some tutorial on how to write your first API.

There’s also the recipe book where you can find a list of recipes we prepared that can guide you through some common operation that can be achieved easily using AlchemyJ.

Some recipes like the database operation, file operation, emailing and etc..

AlchemyJ documentation also includes a detailed guide on the testing framework. The testing framework allows users to define the test data, then run them before and after they have compiled the API. The testing framework also generates the test report automatically once it completes the test.

What about debugging your API if it doesn’t work according to what you have planned? AlchemyJ API Inspector allows the users to debug your API on the fly. Users don’t even need to compile their API every time they change the formula in their business logic.

The AlchemyJ documentation also provides detailed information on each extended function, explaining the use of the functions and some samples.

Have a look at the AlchemyJ documentation today and let me know your thoughts.

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