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Self Assessment - Are you an advance Excel user?

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Microsoft Excel can execute both straightforward and sophisticated mathematical equations and functions. The basic function includes data filter and arithmetic operations. Excel helps to construct interactive displays of results, types, and pivot tables for the advance user, which allows them to identify data trends.

Excel spreadsheet which are found on every windows laptop serve its importance to us. From general auto sum calculation for our weekend grocery expenses to complex lottery winning number probabilities calculation. The best part is, you do not need programming skills to build all these.

Download: AlchemyJ FREE Community Edition:​

Time Stamps:

"​​​00:00​": Intro

"​​​00:28​": What is AlchemyJ (AlchemyJ which is an Excel add-in that can turn Excel business model into API. You can also integrate your Excel model into other applications)

"​​​02:47​": Self Assessment Tool - Are you an advance Excel user?

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Keith Au
Keith Au

Yes thanks a lot,buddy,Happy new year 2021 to you and to your family.Assume you are Indian people,salute to my dearest holly "Khilasa temple,Chariot temple,Sun temple"really and truly wonder of the World and suggested people to visit at all.Actually i am not advance Excel user,and still learning the skills and technique."Overjoy,overjoy and overjoy"


Hi Keith,

Thanks for your comment. I am happy that you are learning the skills and technique to be an advance Excel user. Remember why you started and have faith in yourself. You will become an advanced Excel user in no time!! Kind Regards, Team AlchemyJ

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