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Self Assessment Tool - How Attractive Are You?​

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Being attractive is not merely based on the physical appearance of an individual. Attributions such as your other four senses " hearing, touch, smell and taste" contribute to one "attractiveness".

So what are you waiting for? Check if you are attractive today by using this simple self-assessment Excel API "#AlchemyJ​​​".

Download: AlchemyJ FREE Community Edition:​

Excel Template:​

Time Stamps:

"00:00​​": Intro

"00:36​​": What is AlchemyJ (AlchemyJ which is an Excel add-in that can turn Excel business model into API. You can also integrate your Excel model into other applications)

"02:28​​": Self Assessment Tool - How Attractive Are You?​

Learn More:

How to setup AlchemyJ:​

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