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Release Notes

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AlchemyJ v4.2.1

January 25, 2022

What's New

  • Support PERCENTRANK() and SINGLE() Excel functions.

  • Added ajBigStrFixCheckSum, ajFixCheckSum for computing the checksum of a Financial Information eXchange (FIX) message.

  • Added ajSumByte and ajBigStrSumByte that calculate the sum of byte values of each character in a string.

  • Added Kafka Integration (Enterprise Edition only). AlchemyJ Models can send messages to a Kafka Service using ajKafkaSendMessage().  This feature also works in AlchemyJ Studio.


  • Increased performance and throughput during heavy load (Enterprise Edition only)

  • Upgraded to Spring Boot v2.4.6

  • Upgraded to Open API v3

  • Upgraded to JUnit v5

  • ajCheckDataItem supports custom validation. Users can define a range to override the check result.

AlchemyJ v4.1.3

November 1, 2021

What's New

  • Added AlchemyJ Extended Function,  ajDBExportToWorkbook which retrieves data from a database and export it directly to an Excel workbook.

  • Added AlchemyJ Extended Function, ajDBImportFromWorkbook which retrieves data from an Excel workbook and inserts it into a database table.

  • Added AlchemyJ Extended Function,  ajDBRunSPToWorkbook which exports the result of a stored procedure directly to an Excel workbook.

  • Added AlchemyJ Extended Function, ajWebService which is an enhancement over ajWebServiceREST and ajWebServiceSOAP.  It supports getting header and cookie values from the response, SSL certificate check, and more.

  • Added AlchemyJ Extended Functions for folder operations: ajCopyFolder, ajDeleteFolder, ajFolderExists, ajMoveFolder, ajRenameFolder, ajFolderList, ajFileProperty, ajCreateFolder.

  • Added support to 39 Excel functions.


  • ajCheckDataItem has been modified to ignore empty records.

  • ajJsonPath has a new parameter, Run by Function Point which prevents it from running every time a workbook is calculated.

AlchemyJ v4.1.2

August 4, 2021

What's New

  • Sign AlchemyJ Studio with the latest code signing certificate


  • Improve performance of ajBigStrTrim

Bug Fixes

  • Some minor bug fixes

AlchemyJ v4.1.1

November 9, 2020

What's New

  • Release of AlchemyJ Excel Library which provides AlchemyJ Extended Functions as a stand-alone Excel Add-in. It is a lite download version for users who want to use AlchemyJ to power up Excel but do not need to turn Excel models into APIs.


  • Added AlchemyJ Extended Function, ajXMLToTable which extracts data from an XML.

  • Added AlchemyJ Extended Function, ajTextSplit and ajBigStrTextSplit which split text around a delimiter.

  • Improved the performance of ajJSONTable

Bug Fixes

  • Improved empty headers and error values handling of ajCheckDataItem.

  • ajLDAPUserList will return an empty string instead of an error when the inputted attribute does not exist in the LDAP directory.

  • Fixed a problem in ajJSONTable when it is used with ajWebServiceREST.

AlchemyJ v4.1.0

July 31, 2020

What's New

  • Based on version 4.0, this version brings a lot of new features and improvements.  You can create APIs that are more powerful in a more efficient way.

  • 47 new AlchemyJ Extended Functions.

  • Big number and big string support.

  • New AlchemyJ Extended Functions for retrieving information from LDAP directory.

  • New AlchemyJ Extended Function, ajEnviron, which helps you read environment variables.

  • More Excel functions supported.

  • You can now create APIs that accept and return a file.

  • PostgreSQL support

  • One API may have multiple database connections.

  • Support Jetty as an embedded web server for REST API. 

  • Added 7 snippets to make using AlchemyJ Extended Function much easier.

  • You can now trigger a function point directly after a login and logout request.

  • Token-based Server-to-server authentication

  • In-memory password support in AlchemyJ Studio so database passwords are not exposed in the connection strings.

  • An encryption tool for generating encrypted value for application configuration files.


  • Added an auto-save option during API generation.

  • More options in handling array overflow in input arrays, output arrays, and arrays returned by AlchemyJ Extended Functions.

  • Buttons to Run REST API and Open OpenAPI specification directly.

  • Context-sensitive help which brings you to the relevant help page based on the currently focused cell content. 

  • Filter Type 1 supports OR operation between filter rows.

  • Shortened API generation time.

  • Improved API run-time performance.

  • AjCheckDataItem will automatically convert a value to the defined type if it can be converted.

AlchemyJ v4.0.2

June 5, 2020

What's New

  • This version is the same as the previous version 4.0.0 in terms of functionalities. 


  • Generating an REST API in debug mode will automatically activate the API Inspector settings.

  • Check the existence of license key in the beginning of API generation.

  • Support Maven server proxy setting.

  • CRUD AlchemyJ functions such as ajCreateRec can handle boolean type. It automatically changes TRUE/FALSE in Excel to 1/0 in database.

  • Added a validation rule to check whether class name in Java API and endpoint group in REST API is empty.

Bug Fixes

  • Having a table name in data relationship schema with only one upper case letter would generate validation error.  We took care of that.

  • The testing tool executed some of the test cases which does not match the filter criteria.

  • When you ran a function point, the response dialog box would not show up if the return object has no value. We changed it to show a empty JSON "{}". 

  • ajCheckDataItem returned a wrong value for an integer type which has a 0 or 1 as its allowable values.  

  • We also fixed several log level related errors.

  • Example value in OpenAPI documentation was messed up when the string value list contains multiple items. It didn't look good.


AlchemyJ v4.0.1

April 22, 2020

What's New

  • This version is the same as the previous version 4.0.0 in terms of functionalities. 


  • Added a validation rule to detect configuration error in REST response object schema.

  • Automatically create the API Inspector JSON file when the API is built using debug mode.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug a Test Module where only one case is run when the test is run on API.

AlchemyJ v4.0.0

April 16, 2020

What's New

  • We are really excited that AlchemyJ v4.0.0 has a load of new features. It is a major version upgrade that vastly improves the usability and functionality of AlchemyJ.

  • Release community edition, which is a free version of AlchemyJ for anyone to use. It contains most features with a few limitations. It can be used even in a production environment.

  • A new testing tool to help modelers test the API in AlchemyJ Studio and in generated API with the same set of test cases.

  • Automatically generates OpenAPI documentation for your API (Swagger).

  • You can now merge the work (workbook) from multiple developers into one API.

  • MS SQL support.


  • Added 130+ more Excel function support.

  • Added 12 new AlchemyJ functions.

  • Model API input and output without understanding JSON.  No more JSON path.

  • Simplify templates

  • API Inspector can be set up in a workbook instead of modifying a JSON file.

  • Access control of REST API can be down to request level.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed many issues found in version 3.0

AlchemyJ v3.0.1

What's New

  • This version is the same as the previous version 3.0.0 in terms of functionalities. 


  • Support Linux file path format.

  • Improved definition sheet validation rules.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug a Test Module where only one case is run when the test is run on API.

AlchemyJ v3.0.0

What's New

  • Version 3.0 is a complete rework of AlchemyJ. It changes from a simple input and output data transfer model to an API model. 

  • Generate REST API and Java API.

  • Provide 20 AlchemyJ functions that enable modelers to do things that cannot be done in Excel before. For example, sending an email, doing CRUD operation on a database, and so on.

  • Build-in support of REST API security. Support token-based (JWT) and session-based (cookie) authentication. 
  • Components that help modelers implement common features by configuration.

  • New license scheme.


  • Performance improvement

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