Make Your
Java Package and 
From Excel Models

What is AlchemyJ ?

AlchemyJ is a No-Code API Builder. It enables analysts and developers to make Java Package and API from Excel models which contain the business logic at any complexity level.

It makes project team members focus on business requirements and solutions in addition to the technical details. All these translate into time, resource and cost saving while delivering even higher quality Java Packages and APIs.

Create your API in 4 easy steps

1. Model Biz Logic

Create a new Excel model or use an existing Excel workbook.

2. Define API Settings

Define the functions your API provides, the parameters they have.

3. Generate API

Simply click a button and the API code will be generated on the fly. 

4. Use the API

Start using the REST or Java API and integrate it into your applications.

Supercharge your Excel Models

Build Java Package in Sec 

Generate Java Package, REST API and JavaScript from Excel.

400+ Functions in Excel

Provide 100+ AlchemyJ extended functions and 300+ Excel functions.

Database Integration

Support user friendly to advanced database operations.

API Security

Support authentication, access & session management.

OpenAPI (Swagger) Support

Generate OpenAPI (Swagger) Specification and Interface.

Test Automation

Verify the API having the same functionality as the Excel Model.

Get the help you need

Check out our documentation on how to get started creating APIs using AlchemyJ. Browse or post questions in our forum if you need help. If you are an Enterprise Edition customer, you can contact us for technical support in Hong Kong, Singapore and all over the world.