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About Us

We elevate Excel to an enterprise solution

AlchemyJ is developed by Axisoft, a company that has been providing Financial Technology to top-tier financial institutions for over 20 years. 

The first launch of AlchemyJ was 2017. That was a project of several complex financial and analytic models implementation for a mission-critical investment system. 

In addition to the implementation of the complex models, the project facilitated the idea of letting Financial Analysts defining the models in Microsoft Excel, which was considered to be a native language of Business and Financial model. Then AlchemyJ can analyze the spreadsheet, design, and write the Java programs automatically.

Whenever there was any change to the models, Financial Analysts could change and test it in Microsoft Excel, then AlchemyJ could re-write the Java programs instantly.

Eventually, the project team successfully turned months of development work into days or even hours. That gave the birth of AlchemyJ - A Robo-Coder for Robotic Programming and Programming Automation.

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