AlchemyJ Enterprise Edition

Built for enterprise production use with advance features

You are welcome to start with the Community Edition. For enterprise users, we provide the Enterprise Edition which includes advance tools, more database support, and technical support.

Community Edition




  • At most 4 Function Points

  • At most 1 Endpoint Group


  • REST Security

  • Java API

  • Data Dictionary

  • AlchemyJ Extended Functions

  • OpenAPI Specification

  • Automatic Testing Tool

  • API Inspector

  • AlchemyJ Branding Messages

  • Commercial Use

  • Run on Windows Server

  • Support MySQL

Enterprise Edition

AlchemyJ Studio 

USD 490

per workstation per year

AlchemyJ Server Runtime

USD 3,900

per 8 cores per year

  • Includes all features in the Community Edition

  • Unlimited number of Function Points

  • Unlimited number of Endpoint Groups

  • Remove AlchemyJ Ad message

  • Distributed Development Model

  • Run on Linux-based Server

  • Support Microsoft SQL Server

  • Support Oracle Server

  • Technical Support by email

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