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Overcoming large number limitation in Excel

Do you know that Excel has limitations on supporting numbers that have over 15 digits? If you try to work with numbers with over 15 digits of precision in Excel, it replaces digits after the 15th with zeros. If you need to store numbers or perform calculations using Excel with over 15 digits, AlchemyJ will be able to solve your problem.

In this video, we will show you how the AlchemyJ Big Numbers function can help solve big/large numbers in Excel. There's no need for you to write any VBA code to work with big numbers. It's available in AlchemyJ Enterprise Edition, AlchemyJ Community Edition, and AlchemyJ Excel Library.

Download and try it out yourself today.

Download our community edition today to try it out yourself:

Find out more on how AJ Big Number functions work:

Video on How to setup AlchemyJ:

How AJ works:

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